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It was nice though to get over 8 hours of sleep. My daughters actually got up and ran before I did. Their both running the 1.5 mile on race on marathon day. There also getting ready to start XC practice this week so the run was good for them. The time off from outside running will hopefully help. I’m not able to get into a foot doctor anytime soon so will see how it heals day to day.

  • The aggressive pace certainly worked today.
  • The campaign mode of Indestructible will allow us to fight against many different enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.
  • It’s probably more of a hill, but at that height, it’s arguably a mountaintop.
  • But keep in mind, buy a dh helmet that meets the ASTM F1952 standards or DOT.
  • We are all sure tired of this winter running, really tests your conviction to running.

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I do think I was also mentally ready to take a break. I know my wife has enjoyed me not getting up early in the morning. I think if I can run at least 8 to 9 miles a day this will cut back my miles and may be enough for the achilles to heal since I won’t be doing doubles. If this doesn’t work than I’ll take a week off and do cross training. I went to the doctor and as I expected I have some Achilles Tendonitis in my right leg.

I hope the knee isn’t bad tomorrow and allows you to race the 10K, as I know you really want to do it. I’m sure you’re in shape for a strong 10K. It’s really not that bad of a pain it’s just barely there enough for me do want to document it so that I can look back at my blog. I will see how it really feels after Saturday’s 10k. I think if I took a few days off I would have no discomfort. My knee is still real sore from this morning run.

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I will continue to ice my calf and hope it will self-heal. If you trust in GOD all things are possible. Jeff, I tried to think of every excuse to run on the Treadmill and not go outside, but I thought I would be running on the Treadmill at lunch so I decided to go outside. Take care of that calf so you can hit the race season hard later this spring. I also put on my FSB/St George running shirt to show-off the web site and maybe make more connections for the site.

As far as how you are feeling right now, I totally agree with Jon, take a couple of days off. It won’t effect your races at the relay at all. I do feel I’ll be okay I just want to go into it on top. The foot isn’t that bad now and I bet will be fine by the end of the day with no pain and back to normal.